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Women’s Health Secrets Necessary for a Long Life

Iowa Women’s Health Center doesn’t want you to fall into the trap of sole caregiver. Women often have the responsibility of taking care of their family and/or loved ones. Unfortunately, women’s’ health and wellness requirements will unselfishly fall behind everyone else’s, thus hurting everyone if you don’t make your health a priority.

The reality is by making your health an absolute priority above everyone else’s will allow you to provide better care for everyone else under your umbrella. If your body is healthier and stronger, your body will be able to handle more, with greater energy and vigor.  Also, you may inspire your loved one’s to take better care of themselves by admiring you.

Whatever your age or the overall status of your health, Iowa Women’s Health Center would like you to consider these seven health tips to improve your odds of having better health throughout your lifetime:

1.) Stop Smoking

By doing this, you will drastically lower your risk of developing heart and lung disease. Preventing obscure viruses from weakening your bodies immunity, like Covid. Those with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) were nearly 4 times more likely to die than non-smokers.

2.) Make sure you are on top of your Annual Health Checks

This can boost your likelihood of being able to detect early disease or chronic ailments. This increases the likelihood of catching and taking action on any health issues that you may develop.

3.) Don’t Cut Corners on Sleep

In addition to combating the signs of aging regular sleep also improves mental alertness, and helps keep your stress levels under control.

4.) Avoid Sun between the hours of 10 AM until 2 PM

If you have to be outdoors, put on broad-spectrum sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30.

5.) Visit your Doctor each Year

Even if your health is good, regular wellness checks and health screenings may increase your chance of detecting early health issues.

6.) Make Physical activity an Integral part of your Daily life

Even if you have only the time to do 20 minutes of physical activity a day, a lifetime habit of exercising regularly helps your heart stay healthy and keeps you at the top of your weight and stress levels.

7.) Prioritize a Healthy Diet

Avoid extreme diets and overindulgence by opting for a sensible diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits.

More on Nutrition:

Whatever age a woman may be nutrition experts typically recommend a diet focused on vegetables and fruits, as well as fiber and protein. Your physician can refer you to the right resources like to help you create a healthy diet that is best suited to your needs for lifelong health.

Women who are pregnant require foods containing folic acid (like the leafy greens of vegetables and beans along with citrus fruits) to to prevent birth defects.

For women going through menopause it is suggested that you take a greater amount of calcium-rich foods as well as Vitamin D (like seafood, fruits dairy products, low-fat dairy and egg yolks) to avoid bone disease.

More on Physical Activity:

Through your entire existence, an active schedule that includes 20-30 minutes daily of cardiac exercise (such as running, walking or swimming, hiking or cycling) is suggested to improve heart health, weight control and stress reduction. As you age it could be beneficial to enhance your workout routine with weightlifting or other exercises for strength which can help in preventing loss of the bone mass and density as well as the mass of your muscles.

The great thing about exercising is that it’s not too late to get started. Even if you’re over fifty and do not have a lot of a record of fitness, you can begin small and gradually begin to build an exercise routine that improves overall health.

More Information About Recommended Screenings:

Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Women between the ages of 20 and must consider annual cholesterol tests and blood pressure tests as a element of their health routine. Your doctor might suggest regular blood pressure checks in the event that you have any family history of health issues related to these areas or additional risk factors.

Pelvic Tests, and Pap Smears

Women aged 21 to 65 should undergo annually pelvic examinations and the Pap test at least every 3 years. The screenings can be performed by your family doctor or your OB/GYN.

Mammograms and Breast Exams

In general, women should undergo annual breast exams starting at the age of 20. The majority of healthcare professionals advise annual mammograms beginning at 40-50, and then every other year mammograms thereafter. Additionally, you should begin to perform regularly self-exams for your breasts. Your doctor can guide you on the proper way to conduct these tests.

Screenings for Osteoporosis

The elderly women are more at risk of issues with their bones this is the reason why doctors suggest annual bone density tests starting at the age of 65.

Colorectal Screenings

When you reach 50 Ask your doctor regarding recommended exams (such such as colonoscopies) for colorectal cancers as well as other possible issues.

Skin Cancer:

All women of any age should begin paying at any changes to the skin or in birthmarks, moles, and other birthmarks. Make sure to report anything that appears to be different during your annual wellness check-ups. If you are at risk for skin cancer, like an ancestral background, fair skin or an occurrence of sunburns in your childhood You should consult your doctor if he/she they recommend regular skin exams.


In addition to being aware of the symptoms and signs of diabetes and taking care of those risky factors might require regular screenings from 40, based on the history of your family and the risk factors. Get advice from your doctor.

IWHC is here to help you along the way with our simple, yet effective approach to women’s healthcare. Just let us know how we can inspire you and your family achieve a healthier and brighter future.


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